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What does Freudebringer do?

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Our customers have products like sunscreens, drinks, chocolate, etc. that they want to give to your customers or employees. We therefore establish collaborations between our customers and companies like yours.

Through the free products, you can bring a small joy to your employees or customers by personally handing them over. What is more beautiful than a smile and a thank you!

Why do our customers give you these products?

Our customers are happy when they can bring their products closer to new people through you and make them known to a wider audience. Many products need to be tasted and touched beforehand, and that doesn’t work through TV or the internet...

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How can you participate?

Simply fill out the form below. If one of our customers wants to work with you, we will contact you. If you want to distribute the products, we will send them to you for free. If you don’t want to distribute them, no problem. You decide for each request whether you want to enter into the cooperation or not. No obligations or commitments!

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